#EdcampGarland is a FREE unconference event for educators. This participant-driven event will provide organic professional learning experiences for educators from all over the DFW metroplex. Come be a part of the discussion about education topics that interest you.

Saturday, March 4th, 2017
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Naaman Forest High School
4843 Naaman Forest Blvd.
Garland, TX 75040

What is an Edcamp?

Edcamps are always free to participants.  Organizers find sponsors that will cover the costs of things like refreshments and materials. Anyone interested in education is welcome to attend. Edcamps are professional development opportunities that are created by teachers for teachers, but all people who are stakeholders in education are welcome. If you're a teacher, administrator, education student, or simply someone with a genuine interest in teaching and learning, please join us. Edcamps are unconferences. Yep, that’s right, Edcamps are not conferences! Organizers set the schedule for the day but all sessions are determined by participants on the day of the event. Everyone is welcome to propose and/or facilitate a session where conversation and collaboration are paramount. The day is completely participant-driven.


                                                    08:00 - 09:00    Registration
                                                    09:10 - 09:50    Session I
                                                    10:00 - 10:40    Session II
                                                    10:50 - 11:30    Session III
                                                    11:40 - 12:20    Session IV
                                                    12:30 - 01:00    Close

#EdCampGarland Organizers
Mason Mason@EdTechMason
Craig Klement@CraigKlement
Melissa Torrence@MelissaTorrence
Anne Kamper@AnneKamper
Martine Brown@MMBrown_Brown
Tyra Clayton@SHS_TyraClayton
Jason Mood@MrJMMood
EdCamp Garland

EdCamp Garland
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