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Draw Freely in iWork

posted Apr 4, 2018, 6:57 AM by Mason Mason

By Apple Education

Whether you're working on a term paper or about to pitch your startup, the latest additions to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote make it even easier to add some artistic flair to your work. Use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro and iPad (6th generation) to quickly create drawings in your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Here's how a student could bring photosynthesis to life in a biology paper:

Get Started

In Pages, tap and hold your Apple Pencil anywhere inside a document to create a box, then begin drawing a plant inside.

Choose a pen, pencil, or crayon from the toolset at the bottom of the screen, changing the color at the right. Tap your selected tool again to adjust its line weight and opacity.

Fill in the Colors

Experiment with the fill tool. Select it in the toolset (it looks like a tube of paint) and choose a color. Then tap inside an enclosed area of your drawing, like a leaf of your plant. The tool will fill up the area with your chosen shade, intelligently respecting the boundaries.

The fill tool also lets you draw colored-in objects from scratch:

Choose blue and draw blue raindrops. Or quickly layer on a shadow

that gives the plant a realistic flair.

Finesse the Details

The lasso tool is just as handy. Use it to encircle parts of your drawing you want to move, duplicate, resize, or recolor. Try it out by copying your first raindrop, pasting in a few more, then changing their size and color to give them a more natural variation.

When you're finished, tap Done at the top right. Your drawing is now a

resizable vector graphic that you can use, or continue to edit, in any of

the iWork apps.

Animate in Keynote

Want to paste your drawing into Keynote and animate it so it's redrawn on the slide? Tap the drawing with your finger to copy it, then open Keynote and paste it into a slide.

Tap the drawing again, then tap Animate and the blue plus sign to add a Build In, setting that to Line Draw. Play the animation to watch your creation spring to life.

Novices and pros alike will get great results. Good luck with that term paper!